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Comparatively smoking is a better habit…4/22

If you insist on living in the past, so be it. However I rather go visit a playground and sit on the swings as opposed to romanticize with how much fun going to the park was when we were younger. Somethings are great in the moment and the moment once it passes and you start having thoughts against, time to let go. Maybe you are now too old for swings , maybe you gained some weight and the swings can’t take the burden of the weight of your thoughts. Some things are good for what they were. It’s better to walk away while they are good as opposed to after they have broken down completely . If you hold onto something because it/they have been with you in your past then to me it’s like wearing a life vest in a desert because it saved you in the ocean, get on a CAMEL - take off the life vest.   Why are we afraid to let go of the past? why do we keep going in circles. If only life had a navigation system , it would say “Take a U-turn keep going back to the day you were born, re-enter the womb…you have reached your destination and it” and it would self, destruct. Yes, I do believe a second life is in order for those who complain but don’t fix their situations. Mmmm…Why, do we keep going in circles ? Comfort zone, is one explanation. People get comfortable with being unhappy and repeating mistakes. Sadly, this is because it becomes a skill. The skill to repeat a task and conquer it , like a drug the feeling is positive for a while. A sense of accomplishment takes over and like a cup of tea on a boring afternoon, it’s refreshing. The problem is once this feeling of going in circles converts into becoming a skill. People become skillful in this art and no one wwants to drop a skill,because our skills give us a feeling of confidence which become our strength. Lots of people in the world go on in the same rut over and over and over again because they have become uselessly skillful in doing so. If they choose to change their complaints, their misery, their past they might be afraid to find themselves incompetent and unskillful. So they choose to run in the same circle, repeating patterns which have proven disruptive for themselves just to maintain a sense of being in control or/and owning a skill. This causes boredom . A quick sand pit of boredom is now in play .But the more they repeat tracing over the circle the more skill  they gain , I guess? It’s madness I tell ya!                                                                       Hmm…                  

                             Relationships for instance. Friends, family, society,  Ex’s, past affairs or even relationships on the verge of become the past but we can’t let go because they are a part of our past and yes the lasting ones as well. Let’s begin by addressing a theory on happiness. Happiness is a feeling which should reside within you , when that becomes truly ,well, true….something interesting starts happening. What your significant past(multiple meanings intended, the scorned will understand ) thinks of you no longer has any effect on you(if you were on the swing in the park ). On who you are or how you need to CHANGE. The idea of appealing to your own sense of being starts taking over. Who you are is who you are, you start accepting it and looking for someone who accepts you as oppose to running around trying to figure out how to be accepted by the person you are giving importance to.»Even if one could tailor fit to someones ideas of a perfect person , would being with that person be ideal? I feel it would be disastrous . It’s seldom that a person can commit to an idea for life. tailoring yourself to be ideal for someone when the what is ideal is subjective to that very person. This is  a bridge built with rubber bands and sticks, I don’t see it lasting. You would be better off it you consciously worked on yourself slowly and transforming into a steady personality. Then you can focus on being liked because of who you are and not because of the hoops you’re capable of jumping through, little monkey. You must learn to bid farewell to the ideas which are against you yourself as a being. 

                                           Empty the baggage , carry a back pack if you need. Forget the skills you own, start learning new ones. Stop being afraid of change . Monotony is addictive and very consoling. It’s alright to be afraid, people are often be-wildered and frightened by too much change and in terms finding joy in monotony. Even if it means going through the same negative emotions over and over again. This leaves no room for growing! We start gearing towards anti-progress and definite insanity. Take patients in mental asylums as an example- they repeat the same tasks over and over again as if doing a mantra over and over again. If a patient is washing their face, they keep getting up to wash their face, day in and day out. It’s that persons personal mantra. It keeps them engaged, occupied. They are used to doing it so it’s a simple act. They feel like they are skilled in it and false accomplishment takes over, for the time being. Until they do it again.It keeps them unafraid. If they were to stop doing the simple task , they would feel empty , loss of the sense of knowing themselves. If this person stops multiple difficulties would arise in their person sphere. In these mental asylums people have devised there own mantras, in actions and words just to console themselves. 

                               These asylums are nowhere but within YOU,  the people stuck in the past are the patients of these asylums , people stuck in ruts through relationships (of any sort be it friends, mostly lovers). You the person romanticizing about the swing is the head of this asylum, this mental institution. Such a big price to pay , no? Compare - for having something to repeat , monotonously, continuously , it helps people , even if it causes minor disturbance it helps keeps us sane. (for example a lover not accepting you at the moment because of invalid reasons but you keep going back or a spouse telling you , your personality isn’t upto par , you get angry too quickly) These are valid examples and most of us are aware the pain these situations cause but we keep going back and repeating these patterns even at the cost of personal happiness because letting go is unknown territory the skill we lack?! Just as these patients  of the mental asylum we have our mantras we keep repeating . Circles we keep circle which all in the end keep you away from your  self. From progress. From new ventures, etc etc. Such a big price to pay . It’s better to not visit the swing again in the first place because the swing was good where it was when it was but now the swing wouldn’t be as enjoyable. Try, nothing wrong in trying your best to keep your ship afloat, your relationships in tact. Not against lasting relationships nor am i advocating quitting. It’s about knowing when quitting is right, graduating from the asylum , leaving the park memories in photographs and moving forward when the price includes your happiness , the cost must be unloading baggage and moving on. Reading about the asylum sounded crazy and it is ,  only an insane person can repat a mantra, otherwise not! Watch yourself, watch these patterns , help yourself. And if you’re trying to be with someone who isn’t sure about you , learn to move on because as you repeat these patterns, others repeat patterns of their own. If you aren’t a subject of complete happiness to someone at the moment , as their patterns repeat , the subject of you will keep repeating too.  

                                               Maybe falling in love keeps you engaged,keeps you moving and on the run , keeps you in terms engaged and away from yourself. But the question should be …who are you ? not who were you , who you could be, who you should be . who are you, are you , you?! or are you and idea of you catered by society , the world, your lover? Get out of the rut before you become insane, repeating mantras, going in circles . Because if beyond a point you try getting out of the rut you will end up feeling lost. You shouldn’t become what you do, you should be you and watch what you do. As the title suggests - competitively smoking is a better habit because insanity and bad habits don’t come with warning labels but cause more damage. (don’t start smoking). Today we addressed multiple points. for the people with short attention spans.here you go - get out of a relationship if you can’t be yourself. if you think about quitting just quit don’t stay and keep repeating the situation till you come back around to thoughts about quitting . let go of the past . BE it religions, family , love or whatever don’t get into a habit or a rut. let things go , learn to move on, not just from the past but from individual situations as well, habits come in many forms they don’t always have labels, be conscious. and many  more.

                                          The swings were fun when we were kids, now it’s time to take our kids to them and move on , sometimes it’s just better that way. 

                                                 Love, Visheshism














Sometimes my human side longs to be romantically entangled in emotions…. the brain side throws my body, head first against a wall and says, there! now you know ..how i feel when you get into such stupid situations. Being in Love or caring for another person beyond ones self is an attractive idea. However by this age most of us have learned our lesson. You can love once just like you can only call someone MOM and mean it once. You won’t replace your real mother no matter what. The term MOM holds a different emotional attachment once your real mom is no more . Similarly your true love happens once. Then comes the process of facing reality.By this point in most of our lives we have learned our lessons. So at this point it seems earier to romaticize with the idea of love as opoosed to go out and risk getting hurt. After all how many times can a person be in and out of relations and burdernsome emotions such as love without losing it’s authenticity? the authentic feeling that comes with True Love. The whole trial and error age has made people  experiment beyond limit and all for what? By the time we find actual love .. it loses meaning. As I stated earlier my human side longs to be romantically entangles in emotions…..But the brain knows better. We have created a soceity in which the practicality of emotions has been lost. Hurting each other and thinking about only ones self. Yes, you should be happy but not confused and certainly not at the expense of others. It is time to learn a new way. Not being emotionaly involved the first step into a new feeling. If you enter it as you would a roller coater it will have the same effects as a roller coster and essential end as quickly. Take your time, give chances. The person you think is horrible might surprize you. Clearly history proves we as people more likely go for what isn’t right for us as opposed to what is….good girls go for the “romeo/player” type, great guys go for the prom queen. Why wouldn’t she raise her demands especially when she’s in such high demand. You can’t blame the other person. In the llove game blame starts from you and ends from you. If you keep buying apple products then the cost will keep increasing, you caan’t complain of the cost associated with the product if you are the one creating the demand. Point being, take your time, get to know a person and stp getting involved everyime your heat beats because too much oxygen is a bad thing similarly giving away your heart at every corner is essentially the same.  Be calm, pateince works in every situation…walk slowly in the end where are you really going to end up? If you want to spend your life with someone as is the goal when we start a relationship …then slow down you have your whole life. don’t jump into it and wound a person and yourself causing life long scars for both. Leaving the pieces to be picke dup by the next person that walks into your life. 

                                 My human side, which wants to be entangled in this Love,we speak of but don’t understand…..can be salavged iwth a little brain …and a wall. -Visheshism


at the bottom of the ocean like spongebob

Because we have to kill time somehow,Work,rambling

Q- A dear friend asked, How do you get so much done? What do you do to stay energized? What is the secret?

     Dear Friend,

             I hope this stays between us. I am about to tell you the secret most successful people follow. Success here doesn’t mean material possessions such as money or career. Success hence forth will mean well balanced, happy, content/satisfied. Simple words yet so seldom achieved state of being. Pay attention this will be a long one and only a few people including you will understand it for what it is…even fewer will adapt to it but those that do will learn a whole new way of being, obvious and simple but worth reading.

You wake up daily and go to this mystical place called work. Spend most of your day(s) there. Most start off enjoying it and once in the routine of things, end up despising it. No matter what the case is work ends up being a heavy load to carry for the majority of people. What makes the person next to you or above you in the hierarchical pyramid more deserving of their success(remember the new definition) as opposed to you? Waking up tired, lagging at work like a windows 95 operating system, anxiety due to routine and so so many more conditions start to arise out of  nowhere as time passes. After all you will be spending 70% or more of your life working. Why this sense resentment towards something so permanent and inevitable?  The culprit? The Brain!

                                              The Secret? Stop thinking! Just do,Just do! Like most things in life which are permanent or close to you such as , Family, Spouses , Bosses , food from your culture etc etc….everything that is repetitive, loses the excitement factor really quickly. Today’s world is about progress and change at a much faster pace. We barely have time to get comfortable with a new cell phone before the next best one is introduced and our brain no longer cares about the old outdated phone they own. These factors make it impossible for us to get in the habit of  anything including emotions. Concepts such as permanent, long term, durable, long lasting etc. fly out the window. It’s becoming harder for us to be content for a long period of time in any situation because repetitive is not tolerable and everything is replaceable. In the midst of all the craziness we go out searching for happiness and contentment in boring places such as work. Even if work is the most exciting place, the way our world is now doesn’t allow us to be happy with a situation for long periods of time. Even FuFu(your hypothetical dog) can’t play with the same bone for more than 5 mins while his ancestors would have spent a week playing with it. THE POINT BEING times have changed but the secret remains. Turn it off! Your Brain.

Accept that circumstances due to advancements and society around you are against you. Now the solution.

                              If Success is your goal. If waking up and not feeling tired or anxious is of interest to you. Change your thought process. Don’t try. Just do. Act as if someone is holding a gun to your head and the only way to get out alive is to change how you think. Every time you relapse imagine the gun. When you stop looking at work as work and start just doing it, you will be on your way. Where do you start? Anywhere? The beginning, perhaps. Words like procrastination exist for those that talk about doing not those that actually get things done. When you talk about doing a task all you get done is romanticism and you start accepting credit for ideas not the task completion. It becomes a lethal habit. Lethal because it kills your soul,eventually.  As opposed to just doing. If instead of talking about it you start doing a task. Lets say your job is folding 1000 t-shirts, for example. IF you pick one up and fold it at least that is one less to fold. As opposed to sitting there and talking about strategies and execution and all the crap.You now have 1 t-shirt less in the time you would have taken to yap away you have 1 out of 1000 already done, what!? Yes. Similarly hold the imaginary gun to your head every time you feel fatigued because FATIGUE is just a feeling.Feelings are ever changing. Instead start doing something anything ( towards the selected task at hand, don’t just start waving your hands around and say at least I’m doing something). Don’t think, those that keep thinking about how unhappy they are or how they rather be somewhere else,  they never succeed. Forget focus just get down to what needs to be done and do it to the best of your ability. You will only get tired if you convince yourself that you are tired. Every human being is made of the same components, each have blood running through our veins (although I have seen cool-aid in one case) each breathe oxygen! Richer/happier people don’t get a specialized supply, everyone gets the same oxygen. which leaves no room for me to be happier than you. If work is going to be such a big aspect of your life and it’s going to account for most of the time you spend on this giant blue ball, you better get your act together and start appreciating it. Hah! You would start loving a wolf if your life depended on it, yet you choose to be so unhappy with work when your life actually depends on it? On the road to success there are no breaks, pit stops or leisure time. Every mile covered should lead you closer towards the end of a task and the beginning of a new one. In the end no matter how much we stall we have to get to where we have to get , we have to finish every task because in the end, it is the end. Why not start out by checking things off your list as opposed to stalling, tiring yourself out and then doing the task eventually, anyways?

                                   Start doing, stop stalling, don’t think because in the end, the thoughts that distract you will vanish and you will be left with the work  you neglected. Procrastinators talk about success, Those that do the work……they don’t worry about other things,they get their job done and move on. Being tired is for those that want to find excuses not those that want to find success. Next time your brain distracts you, tells you it’s tired or that you should put something off till later. Treat your brain like and ex-boyfriend/girlfriend and tell it to find someone else to mislead, you have moved on to better things, to success!

                                              Love, Visheshism.

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letter to yours

Dear Mr. God

        As the you created this Universe, supposedly. You perfected almost everything. The sky, the ground we walk on, circle of life and almost all the meets the eye, down to every last drop of water which makes up an entire river and oceans. What made you give up with Humans, freedom of will and what not, where did you draw the line ? You gave us Humans which are hence we stay becoming “being” since we are more than one “beings”. You made us Human Beings.Amazing! But do we do you and nature or you as nature, justice”just”. Just by being? An amazing race where we never forget to be better than the next. Every soul strives,strives to be an individual to the point where we become a group of individuals.None of us can account for our actions, we are flawed. You gave up a little too early. We continue to be but how? At what cost? A lion serves it’s purpose by controlling the deer population and an elephant by making the greens mind it’s territory. What do we do ? We spend day after day fearing death? Running from it, someone of us con ourselves to  believe we are even better than death. We have conquered nothing but our own Ego’s. Day in and day out we destroy your perfect painting by being flawed, by being “Human” with Humane not in near sight. We don’t even serve the purpose of your common street rat which at the least controls the trash this world produced so naturally instead we add trash to it literally and figuratively, trash that non even these rats would dare consume. We feel privileged and superior to whom? ….. God! Do they not have humor where you reside? Or did you need a heavier laugh that you went on to let us create religion ? We have now added to our uselessness and sense of self pride by writing books and creating laws and we even forge your signature. haha is that funny enough to you or would you like more. A check can clear or bounce but a book with your signature only clears more stupidity and bounces us back to medieval times. If there was an Adam at least you gave him instructions and then you gave up. If you wanted to be creative you could have shown us idiotic humans the true  meaning of purpose instead of letting us force others to follow purposes with forged signature under it. We have failed you and you have failed us. Your creation is now flawed because you left your throne and let idiots lead. 

                                            We now follow many rules, laws and books and give you creative names. You are no longer one you are many. All your alter egos, like it or not  have names. We have given you colors and shapes. We kill using your name because that is apparently what your signature is worth . You obviously love certain colors more than others that is what your books say hence that is apparently what you say.Why did you stop with just a few shads you missed some beautiful colors or were humans not worth it after the few? Or is it that your reality show is better when it is with a “controlled” group/ I get it, why add more confusion , correct? You can interrupt me any time you wish …..I guess it’s too late for wishes. I am not disgruntled nor do i feel worthy of questioning you….I am your hence I ask. If i didn’t feel close i would have given up like the rest of by brothers and sisters. I guess i can’t even say that because in family there is decency, in your world, our family …there is non. 

                                                        Truly Your Creation -Visheshism